Our Mission is to use fly-fishing as a platform to make the world a better place by uniting a diverse group of students in wild fisheries where they engage in a variety of initiatives that promote Connection, Education, Conservation, and Exploration.

Throughout the course of the program, students integrate with local communities and work together on local and global initiatives, including community development projects, mangrove restoration, education based projects with local children, community art projects, trash clean ups and more. 

Coal Ridge Fly Fishing

A local Colorado High School based Program that introduces the sport of fly fishing to students between 14-18 years old. We currently have 14 students in the program and we focus on community immersion, conservation based initiates and teaching the students the basics of fly fishing. This program gives students the opportunity to experience the sport of fly fishing.

to donate to this program or be involved please reach out to me directly shyanneorvis@gmail.com