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About Shyanne

Reflecting back on my childhood as a young girl, I never had much interest in the hobbies that most girls participated in. Instead, I would spend hours roaming the thick, Michigan woods behind our small mobile home - only coming back when it was too dark to see. With generations of passionate anglers in my family, I remember being a young girl with a fish in one hand and a barbie rod in the other. I’d like to think the heritage and passion for fishing runs through my blood. 


Conventional was the name of the game in my family, and when I discovered fly fishing, the passion consumed me. I dove head first into the sport and it was my own version of fishing then what I had known as a child. The excitement and thrill of pursing various species on fly was unmatched. In the midst of a challenging childhood, fishing is what kept me grounded and in a lot of ways healed me. It was the calm to the chaos. Now it’s my personal mission to introduce this sport to my clients, my friends, children and women through guiding, my “Ladies On The Fly” clinics and being a mentor to young students through a non-profit Fish For Change & a locally based high school program called Coal Ridge High School Fly Fishing. 


My hope is to inspire and empower more people to get out onto the water and experience why we all love fly fishing so much.

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