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"Argentina and Chile are likely on the top of every angler’s dream destination list. With a diverse and varied geography, you’re able to fly fish for a wide variety of species. From the wild trout rivers and lakes to the warm water systems filled with pacu and golden dorado, it’s an anglers paradise."


Now it’s my personal mission to introduce this sport to my clients, my friends, children and women through my “Ladies On The Fly” clinics in my community. To inspire and empower more people to get out onto the water and experience why we all love fly fishing so much.


"Here’s why Shyanne had to say about why she decided to go carbon neutral:“As a fly fishing guide, it’s the local watershed and fisheries that help support my business. It only makes sense that I continue to find additional ways to protect these resources and achieving carbon neutrality is among one of them. This is an important step in my journey, and I’m incredibly grateful that Emerger Strategies helped provide an easy way for me to accomplish offsetting my carbon footprint.”


"Some of my most memorable experiences come from the time I spend guiding others. I love fly fishing, but sharing that passion with others is always the most rewarding. "


"Known for its abundance of bears, and a difficult river to fish, we accepted the risks and set out on the adventure. A short hike in, we started spotting a few steelhead. The river was crystal clear, small, with thick, tight trees overhanging."

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Podcast features


Tom Rowland Podcast

From Foster homes to manifesting an unlikely life as a professional fishing guide

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The Mountain Side Podcast

Passionate angler, fly fishing public figure, guide  & descending from the Orvis family, and when she discovered fly fishing the passion consumed her. Shyanne dove headfirst into the sport and it was her own version of fishing then.... read more.

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GrassRoots Podcast & Local TV show

The Locals Show! "Something Fishy" with Shyanne Orvis

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