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Float trip connect!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Desiree and I’m pretty avid with outdoor fun but have no fly fishing experience. (If that means I am not a good fit for this trip no worries!) my boat is a 14ft aire oar rig that I feel comfortable rowing on class ii/iii water, I would love to have passengers so I can watch and learn and have no expectation of anyone teaching me. I am also happy to share the oars with others. I just want to be around women anglers rafting and camping in beautiful places. I have a beginner rod and set up.

I have years of experience co-leading multi day private rafting trips with friends and family. I have wanted to learn how to fly fish for over a decade because I love time on the river so damn much but I had kids and learning new things slowed down a bit for me. Happy to answer any questions I have my WFR if that’s helpful to this crew.


Hi Ladies! Welcome to our group chat for the September Campi...


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