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As a little girl I always loved adventure and exploring. I would spend hours in the woods, building forts and roaming. That curiosity brought me to many different places and encouraged me to try new things. It's what brought me to Colorado when I was 18 years old and inspired me to pursue my passion of fly fishing and snowboarding. Throughout my journey, i've learned a few things.. one being that you don't realize how much stuff you have accumulated over the years until you decide to move into a 200sq/ft cabin with your significant other.. needless to say, our living room was jammed pack with every piece of fishing and snowboarding gear on the market. However, we had to make some compromises and decided to eliminate some things to make space. Just the unimportant things.. like clothes and furniture. I mean, come on.. how many anglers do you know that only own one fly rod. So between my boyfriend and I, we managed to have 15 fly rods, 5 snowboards, 2 skateboards, 2 boats and you can only imagine all of the other equipment that goes with it. That's when I heard about Storquest, a self storage space for adventure enthusiasts like us! It's not your typical storage unit, it's a personalized space to keep all of your equipment safe and conveniently located. A place of inspiration, an organized space for all of your adventure gear, so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time locating the things buried in your closet. I wish I had known about this prior to throwing out all of my clothes and dinner table but maybe you can learn from my mistake! With over 19 facilities in Colorado and over 123 facilities in the US, Storquest is the obvious decision for adventure enthusiasts who want to make room in their life, to have more time to do the things they love. You can visit to learn more about what they offer and to find a location near you!

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