Introducing Kids To Fly Fishing

5 Tips For Introducing Kids to Fly Fishing.

Kids are the future of our fisheries. With many concerning issues in regards to the future of our fisheries, one of the ways to truly protect our wetlands and fisheries is to create programs focused on the next generation of anglers. Sharing our passion for fishing and conservation, we can trust that our fisheries are in good hands. A few months ago I decided to create a kids fly fishing camp. I offered it to the kids in my area and the response was overwhelming. Truthfully, I thought maybe 2-3 kids would register but after maxing at 7 children and the remaining on a wait list, I realized how crucial it was to offer fly fishing programs for children and with limited programs and articles introducing children to the sport, I decided to write a blog post containing helpful information to ensure a successful introductory to fishing.

Whether you'd like to create your own program or simply would like advice on introducing your own kids. Here's 5 tips that help ensure that your kids will have a great time and gets hooked on fishing!

Tip #1 location is everything. Think Easy Access and Abundance of Fish.

Try to avoid locations that are difficult to access and can be tough fishing. I often like to take beginner anglers to ponds because they tend to be wide open and it's difficult to get hung up. Your location should have minimal obstacles because the last thing you want is for the kids flies to be stuck in a tree on every back cast. You want this to be an easy experience for everyone. Still water fishing is ideal for beginners also when learning how